Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is Not to ask for a job

The course is going down in days. Yes. In a matter of days. The talk is about jobs. It is predictable. So, I am writing to an employer, hopefully not asking for a job.


I hope business is good. This is not a job application, so please read on. I sympathize with you when it comes to the many unsolicited job applications you receive daily from soon-to-be graduates, from graduates and even dis-satisfied employees of other companies. I have a gene for entrepreneurship and do not see why people have to stalk you with unsolicited job applications. Why don't they go and make jobs? Now that we even have a Youth Fund, however tiny.

Anyway, I should talk about myself a little. I am soon putting a Masters degree in my qualifications bag. That does not mean I want a job. I know the job-seeking tag turns off lots of people. Justifiably. I do not carry such a tag. I am a born entrepreneur. I intend to start implementing my business idea as soon. Maybe a year, or two years. Soon enough. My start-up is around 25.000 USD. It is not a lot of money, you see - in entrepreneurship terms. But the Youth Fund is so small. I need to mutate into so many youths to acquire the amount for my start-up.

Of course I know you are not a bank, or a micro-finance institution. In case you are wondering why I am telling you about the capital I need to start up my business. I know that you have a knack for entrepreneurial minds as mine. All entrepreneurial minds are attracted to each other, you see. That is why I am writing to you in this way. I believe we can work together for a year or two, depending on how you see things and then I will be able to earn the little amount I need for my start-up. Our arrangement will be a norm-setter.

Forget about the boring and tiring employee-employer relationship, this arrangement will allow me to use all my entrepreneurial abilities and my expertise to contribute to your company's growth. You know employees always hold back something because they are looking at the company as a golden cow there for them to milk. An arrangement I am proposing is mutually beneficial to you and to me as entrepreneurs helping each other - working together.

I am looking forward to working with you after we have discussed further the details of the arrangement.


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  1. every job application i write from here on in will be structured just like this. "i hope business is good, this is not a job application" =)