Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saraba 11 and The Goat That Eats Meat

Saraba Magazine, the quarterly online publication by Iroko Publishing, in its 11th issue concentrates on the theme of sex. Let me not pretend to give a summary of the funny, deep and boundary-shifting content of the issue. Find the Publishing Note by the editors (Emmanuel Iduma & Damilola Ajayi) here for a worthy introduction.

I will not hide the fact that I am here to swell about my piece, "The Goat That Eats Meat" that has found its way in this yummy issue. I know it is vain to do this, but hey, when your piece appears alongside those penned by renown writers like Ivor Hartmann, Donald Molosi and others, there are not many options available except blowing one's own trumpet.

Anyway, just go here and download the whole issue of Saraba 11. Remember to smile away as a man struggles with the small size of his penis, but remember to pity him when he starts suffering with a large size of the same gadget in Ivor's Size Matters. I just could not help but share what I see as the highs of the interesting read that Size Matters is.

I highly recommend that you read the whole issue, all pieces are great. You will thank me for the tip. You can also read "The Goat That Eats Meat" on its own here.

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